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Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

March 4 - 8, 2011
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: Samba dancers, vivid colours, exciting music, sensuality, heat and the vibrant life of Rio de Janeiro during the biggest party in the world: what a fascinating story to cover!

Take advantage and join this great 5 day workshop with award winning photojournalist Sven Creutzmann. Sven has been working for 30 years as a professional photographer on assignment for magazines like GEO, STERN, SPIEGEL and many others. He is a well recognized special ist in Latin-America and has covered its history over the past 22 years. Sven has already produced many stories in Brazil and just recently he photographed a big reportage for GEO magazine on the new Superpower Brazil. The story runs on 21 pages in the October 2010 issue of GEO. You can see the photos here: http://www.creutzmann.com/brazil/

This workshop will offer the possibility to work on your personal photo essay in some of the world's most exciting places, Rio de Janeiro. As if you were on a magazine assignment, you will create a body of work under Sven's orientations. He will gently guide each participant to see and feel the spirit of that fascinating world out there.
Sven Creutzmann Award winning photojournalist who works on assignment for magazines like GEO, Stern, Spiegel and many others. Sven has documented history in Latin-America in general, and in Cuba in special, for the past 22 years. He has published a book about Cuba "Salsa einer Revolution".

Testimonial: "For the first time in 20 years I've gone 7 days without listening to music, because all my inspiration and passion was directed into photography. I've gained confidence and learned a practical and intelligent method of thinking before/during/after shooting."
Erik Fossen, photographer, Norway Participant in the Bolivia 2010 workshop

Sven will help you use your camera as the tool to finally capture the soul, light, color and energy of the subject you choose, turning it into exciting photos that will transmit to others what you saw and felt when you created the picture.

He will also mentor you overcoming fears that you may have when approaching new situations or when interacting with strangers; you will learn how to shoot and relate to them.

Sven will lead daily, constructive group critiques and there will be time for individual one-on-one consultations where you can address your personal questions on photography or technical issues, whether it is about cameras or the digital workflow.

Sven will also give lectures about his personal work and teach you a simple tool on how to achieve better photographs.

And finally, the highlights of the workshop will be shown in a slide show with the best images of each participant.

Shoot shoulder to shoulder with Sven and after an exciting workshop in such an inspiring environment like the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, you will come home with your own strong photo essay which you can turn into a book, make an exposition or send it to editors.

Be welcomed to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, March 4th
Students meet Sven in the morning. Sven will outline the events of the following days. Sven will then invite the group to a welcome lunch.

7pm: Children's Samba Schools These are branches of the big samba schools, formed by children of each community.

Saturday, March 5th 10am-5pm: Photograph Samba City

11pm: Take pictures of the Dance at the Mangueira Samba School

Sunday, March 6th
2pm: Cover street bands in Ipanema, the famous beach of Rio.

5pm-3am: Popular street dance at Cinelāndia

Monday, March 7th
5pm-3am: Popular street dance at Cinelāndia

9pm-4am: Photograph the Big Parade of the Samba Schools in the Sambodromo. The tickets for the Samba Parade should be bought first as it is the most sought after Rio Carnival event, and available seats in the Sambodromo sell out early. You can buy your tickets here: Sambodromo Tickets
Please make sure t buy a ticket for SECTOR # 11 , since this offers, in our opinion, a good view for a reasonable price.

Tuesday, March 8th
Last day of the workshop. Students meet with Sven to edit the pictures of the exciting last days and prepare for a final presentation. Sven will invite the group to a farewell dinner in a Rio restaurant, to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

(Notice: Schedule can be subject to changes due to the spontaneous nature of the Rio Carnival and taking into considerations special needs of the group.)

USD 1,195 (limited to 10 students)

- Daily group and one-on-one instruction, mentoring and assistance with story development
- Lots of time will be available to answer individual questions
- Technical advice
- Welcome lunch and Farewell dinner

- Airfare to Rio de Janeiro
- Accommodation
- Transportation (Taxi)in Rio
- Entrance Fees (like Sambodromo)
- Meals (other than the first and last meal)

All Levels, beginners to advanced professionals: Whoever loves photography!

We have chosen a nice hotel in Copacabana, just next to Ipanema, only 3 minutes walking distance from Copacabana beach. Hotel Atlantis Copacabana

The agency we are working with in Rio, Bitourism, has the following offer:

Hotel Atlantis Copacabana Mandatory
4 Night Carnival Package

Double Superior
169,50 USD x 4 Nights with breakfast
Total of 678,00 USD /per person in a Double

Superior Double Deluxe
197,75 USD x 4 Nights with breakfast
Total of 791,00 USD /per person in a Double Deluxe

You can contact the Rio based travel agency Bitourism and make reservations directly:

E-Mail Richard

IMPORTANT: The Rio Carnival is a highly demanded event and hotels quickly fill up. You are requested to make reservation asap.

Students are also free to arrange their own transportation to and from Rio de Janeiro and hotel accommodations to fit within their budget.

There is many direct flights fom the USA and Europe to Rio de Janeiro. Those coming from Germany can contact the following travel agency:


for travel arrangements.

Depending on the composition of the group of students, Sven will be able to guide you through the workshop in either of the following languages: English, Spanish, German.

Our workshops are designed for a limited number of students (usually between 6 and 12). This means we have small groups so teaching can take place on a moe intimate level.

But it also means that the workshops get booked quickly. We recommend to sign up for the workshop as soon as possible since the few places will be given soon. Reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

Please send an E-Mail to Sven and he or his office will get back to you with registration and payment details.

This is where the big samba parades will take place on Sunday March 6, and Monday March 7th. The group will see the parade on Monday, march 7th.

The tickets for the Samba Parade should be bought first as it is the most sought after Rio Carnival event, and available seats in the Sambodromo sell out early. You can buy your tickets here:

Tickets Sambodromo

Please make sure t buy a ticket for SECTOR # 11 , since this offers, in our opinion, a good view for affordable money.

Students must bring their own cameras, laptops, software, card-readers, etc. This workshop is a digital one. You are free to shoot with film, but will miss the opportunity to have your work being seen in the critique sessions. Sven recommends to bring DSLR cameras and especially wide angle lenses with an aperture of at least 2.8.

You should bring your laptop with picture editing software like Fotostation, Lightroom or Photomechanic. Free trial versions are usually availabe if you don“t have any.

Also make sure to bring enough flash card (at least some of 1 giga, better more) batteries, chargers, cables, card readers, USB memories, backup drive, etc.

Less is more: Please be advised that you should bring as little as possible equipment, since you will be spending many hours walking and amid hundreds of people. Little equipment will make your photography easier.

And finally: Photography is primarily not about cameras or lenses, but about what you see, understand and feel! Photo legend Cartier-Bresson used to work with one camera and one lens (Leica, 35mm)!!

You can send Sven an E-Mail once you have registered and ask him for advice on camera equipment to bring to Rio.

Please contact the Embassy of Brazil in your country to see if you need a visa.

This is a very intense workshop in an intense environment. Students should have some experience travelling to foreign countries and be in conditions to spend many hours up and walking during the carnival. We encourage you to read about Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and its carnival before you get there. This will help you when you work on your subject in the workshop. Please bring some of your work to share with Sven and the other students.


Photography Level 1: BEGINNER
You are an amateur who loves to takes family pictures. So far you have been shooting with a point-n-shoot camera or maybe a DSLR, but always have set the camera on "Program". Now you want to learn more about photography and cameras and therefore move on to the next level.

Photography Level 2: AMATEUR
You already know how to use the basic features of your DSLR camera but want to learn how to take more sophisticated photos, how to better compose and be more creative. You are also interested in learning more technique in general.

Photography Level 3: INTERMEDIATE
You are a well experienced amateur photographer or even a professional with little time in the business so far. You want to explore new frontiers and make yourself fit for the professional level.

Photography Level 4: PROFESSIONAL
You have experience as a professional photographer but you are interested in move ahead, in broadening your technical skills and especially your skills as a story teller.
All images and content Copyright © 2010 by Sven Creutzmann. All rights reserved. www.creutzmann.com